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Personal Alarm Systems Personal Alarm Systems

Personal Alarm Systems are wireless devices that are assigned to an individual to provide a method of notification of an emergency situation to others or a central station.

There are many Personal Alarm Systems available today. From simple systems that provide notification of an alarm to systems that identify who is in duress, where they are, what type of alarm and automatically transmits this information to security staff equipped with alphanumeric pagers, there are as many different technologies used as there are manufactures selling systems. Selecting the right technology is crucial to the success of the system for each unique application.

Justice Security's staff has designed over a $1.5 million in personal alarm systems. Our knowledge of personal alarm systems is based on product review, installation and testing. Due to the numerous types of technologies and features that are available Justice Security has developed a Personal Alarm System Summary that identifies most of the available systems and their respective features. Please contact Justice Security for more information.