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Operator Interface Design Operator Interface Design

Operator Interfaces (OI) is the generic term used for any device that acts as an input or output between an operator and a machine, sometimes also called a Man Machine Interface (MMI). In correctional security applications the OI is usually control panels, touchscreens, audible and visual alarms such as horns and lights.

Justice Security's staff have designed hundreds of graphic control panels and screen graphics for touchscreens. Good graphic design requires much more than copying and pasting floor plans. We design intuitive graphics that anyone can look at and understand within minutes, even if they don't know how to read floor plans.

Our touchscreen graphics are designed for easy navigation and minimum routine screen changes for optimum operator event handling. Call priority, handing and routing is very important in the software development for touchscreen systems and is just as important as the graphics design.

The use of colors, switch or icon shapes, graphics and audible tones are all used to create intuitive and ergonomic operator interface stations. Operator duties, distractions and fatigue are all considered in our designs.

Click here to view a overview of control panels.

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