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Perimeter Systems Perimeter Systems

Perimeter Intrusion/Escape detection systems are employed on buildings, fences, open land and under water to detect violations of a secure area. They may be used as part of a physical barrier or used only to detect and not impair. Due to natural occurrences such as wind, rain and animals that may falsely activate an alarm, dual perimeter systems may be installed and interfaced together so as to require two separate system activations prior to activating an alarm.

The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center has published a handbook that summarizes perimeter systems and the technologies used. This may be downloaded free from http://www.nlectc.org/perimetr/handbook.htm. This publication will give the reader a basic over view of the types of technology that are available. Selection of a technology and the available off the shelf systems for a specific application is best made with advice from an experienced consultant.

Perimeter detection systems are notorious for false alarms particularly in foul weather. Repetitive false alarms tend to cause responsible staff to become lax and even non-responsive to alarms thus defeating the system. Justice Security's staff have designed and tested perimeter systems for justice facilities. Each design strives to minimize the false alarm rate and maximize the response to each alarm incident. This is achieved though the selection of the most appropriate technology or technologies and minimizing the effort by staff to assess each alarm.